In 1964 a group of Engineers, manufacturers representatives, and other industry related people got together to discuss a possible ASHRAE Chapter. Bill Chaffey was appointed chair of the Steering committee. Murray Malloy, of the Montreal Chapter, greatly helped Bill Chaffey with the ground work.

Charter Night was held at the Citadel Inn on March 15, 1965. Bill Chaffey chaired the meeting. Distinguished visitors attending the meeting were:

  • John Dube National President 

  • John Ross National Treasurer 

  • Andrew Boggs Associate Secretary and Publisher of ASHRAE 

  • Bal Horsbough Director Region II 

  • Wilf Woodcoch VP Ontario Chapter 

  • Hayward Murray PD Montreal Chapter 

  • Murray Malloy PP Montreal Chapter 

  • Frank L’Anglais PP Quebec Chapter

  • Bill Hole PP Montreal 

  • Philip Dumaresq VP Nova Scotia Architects Association 

  • Hank Rounsefell Present Halifax-Dartmouth Construction Association 

  • Philip Vaughn President Association of Professional Engineers of NS 

Bill Hole, introduced the following as the executive of the 11th Chapter in Canada:

  • President Leslie Single 

  • 1st VP Bill Chaffey 

  • 2nd VP Gordon Weld 

  • Sect Treasurer John Perkins 

  • Board of Governors 

  • William Chaddock 

  • Denis Morris 

  • Richard Fisher 

  • George Hagen 

Denis Morris, Chairman of the Membership Committee gave a report stating the chapter had 36 paid up members and 12 paid up members outside of Halifax. In addition there were another 20 applicants in the system.