Founding Members


ASHRAE Halifax is sad to share with our members the passing of Denis Morris, who was a founding member of the Halifax Chapter, serving as President in 1967 – 1968. He remembered ASHRAE as a means of meeting and interacting with contractors, sales representatives, and engineers to build bonds and trust within the local industry.  When speaking with Denis, you got the sense that the chapter was established at a time when the mechanical design and construction industry in Nova Scotia was maturing. The networking and knowledge sharing within the Halifax Chapter contributed to that maturation and strengthened the Nova Scotia HVAC industry. Denis was a Life Member and was awarded an ASHRAE Fellowship in 1991. 

In the mid 1960’s Denis J. (D.J.) Morris received a call from Neil McFetridge. Denis was starting his own was engineering consultancy, D.J. Morris Engineering Ltd, working out of his living room. Neil called to offer Denis space at his Dartmouth office, along with access drafting tables and filing cabinets. This act of friendship and good will is remembered fondly by Denis J. Morris when recalling the beginning of his career. It also stands as an example of what ASHRAE Halifax Chapter meant to one of its early founders.

Denis Morris graduated from the Technical University of Nova Scotia with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1957. He was offered the opportunity to work as a mechanical engineer with F. C. O’Neil & Associates which was the beginning of long career as a consulting mechanical engineer.

D. J. worked with F. C. O’Neil & Associates for 9 years (57’ – 65’) before he started his own consultancy, D. J. Morris Engineer Ltd., in 1965. He partnered with Bob Richard in 1971 to form Morris & Richard Consulting Engineers in 1971, a company still operating today under the guidance of Denis’s son.



“…through ASHRAE people got to know people and we actual helped each other…it was fun.”

Denis J. Morris



ASHRAE Halifax remembers former Atlantic Provinces President and member of over 50 years, Gordon Weld.

Charter Member Atlantic Provinces Chapter ASHRAE
President Atlantic Provinces Chapter ASHRAE 1965-66
ASHRAE Fellow 1986
Distinguished Service Award 1998  
Distinguished Fifty Year Member Award 2016   


"I first met Gordon as a junior member at Armdale Yacht Club in 1948. We were sailing/racing Snipes, a 15.5 foot sail boat. I was at the bottom of the fleet and Gordon was in the top group. I lost contact with Gordon as he completed his engineering studies.
Our paths crossed again in the 60's at A.Y.C. and then at Charter Night of the Atlantic Provinces Chapter ASHRAE in March of 1964.
It was through the leadership of men like Gordon that I got involved with ASHRAE.
At  A.Y.C. Gordon's staff did, at no charge, an artist concept for a sail training center for A.Y.C. that I was promoting. As usual with Gord, ask for help and you got it. A few weeks ago I had a great chat with Gord. We talked about many things. One thing was vaccines and Gordon true to his beliefs said he probably would not take it, as he had a good life and he might be depriving a younger person."


- Ken Bell