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February Virtual Meeting - ASHRAE’s Building EQ

This February, we welcomed Distinguished Lecturer, David Underwood PE, as our presenter. In his talk, Underwood discussed ASHRAE's Building Energy Quotient (BEQ), a benchmarking, building assessment and asset rating tool. Specific topics included the advantages and disadvantages of the two different BEQ programs, "In Operation" and "As Designed", as well as how the BEQ compares with other building evaluation tools such as ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and Energy Plus. In summary, the BEq can be used to help make bad buildings good and good buildings great. It is a flexible tool that can be nicely adapted to manage large portfolios of buildings and users.

.10 - ASHRAE Mtg - David Underwoo
Download 10 - ASHRAE MTG - DAVID UNDERWOO • 8.94MB

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