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Research Promotion Training

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Thank you to the Halifax ASHRAE Chapter for allowing me to attend the annual Research Promotion (RP) Training this year in Chicago. Not only was it a pleasure to be given the honorary "victory lap" as outgoing president, but this trip allowed me to link with many like-minded individuals and share some creative new ways to earn research promotion dollars for our chapter.

Fun fact: Did you know Halifax Chapter already does a great job at diversifying our funding base? Where most chapters rely on the annual golf outing as sole means of hitting goal, Halifax uses this vehicle as a mere top up.

Equally as important as attending this training was dodging Hurricane Dorian entirely. All my flights were on time and I witnessed a beautiful sunset as I drove home from the airport.

Can you think of any creative means to raise some additional RP funds this year? Do you know individuals who deserve extra recognition for their efforts?

My research begins... with YOU!

Dan Egilsson, RP Chair

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