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January Virtual Meeting - Burj Khalifa: The Tallest Building in the World

This January, we welcomed Distinguished Lecturer, Luke Leung, PE, LEED Fellow, BEMP, P Eng, as our presenter. In his talk, tall-buildings-expert and BurjKhalifa designer Leung spoke on the ways that the tower’s many innovative systems optimize performance by anticipating how environmental factors change both in the desert climate and at different elevations.

Discover why special attention was paid to materials selection, how creep and shrinkage impacts water risers, and what other tall-building specific design considerations were important to the success of the project.

A selection of the systems to be discussed includes: a 460 psi chilled water system; an ice storage chilled water system; one of the world’s largest condensate recovery systems; stack effect monitoring and control; post-occupancy measurement of air contaminant levels; special balcony door sensors that inform occupants when air quality is ideal for opening the door; and a first-of-its-kind “lifeboat” elevator system that can provide controlled evacuation, among others.

For a complete overview of Keen's presentation, view the presentation slides attached.

Thank you Julia Keen and the event participants!

Burj Khalifa
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